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At Perth Celebrants, we offer a wide range of civil ceremonies. If you’re interested in having a civil ceremony carried out by a trusted and experienced celebrant, then choose us. 

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Ceremonies to re-affirm or renew your marriage vows are popular with couples who may have married interstate or overseas with family and friends being unable to attend. Through ceremonies, we express feelings and emotions that we can never quite express in any other way. All people hold ceremonies to celebrate the most important events of life.

You have decided that you want to renew your vows. People decide to hold a ceremony to renew their vows for a number of different reasons. Whatever your reason you will want the occasion to be memorable and meaningful. By renewing your vows you are speaking first of all to each other and then to all those family and friends that you invite to share the ceremony with you.
Some couples choose to re-enact as closely as possible what happened on their actual wedding day. This is a type of re-affirmation when you say to each other "Everything that I said at our wedding I mean in the same way today. I still love you as much and I renew my promises to you."

Some couples believe that they have progressed in their relationship or that something has changed that makes them want to make this occasion something different from their wedding day. They choose to make new promises that express more appropriately their developed relationship now.

These couples are saying to each other "I love you differently to the love I had for you on our wedding day, but I want you to know that my commitment to you is just as strong as and maybe even stronger than it was because of what we have shared together."


We offer a personalised service to officially name your child where we can help you design a unique service with readings and symbolism. A Naming Ceremony in no way inhibits the child from seeking any future religious or non-religious commitments of belief. Everyone present is invited and encouraged to present to the child a broad and balanced view of life and despite religious and cultural differences, to embrace the common virtues of integrity, honesty, fairness and concern and love towards all humankind. A Naming Ceremony is also held in recognition of the importance of marking the special events in our lives, to witness the giving of a name, and in honour of the newcomer amongst us. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a beautiful naming certificate is presented to the parents. The appointed guardians/godparents and the grandparents are also issued with a certificate, acknowledging the important role they will play in the future development of the child.

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