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If you have a fiancé who is overseas and need to arrange visas, please read on to find out more information.

Overseas Couples

Couples who are travelling in Australia for whatever reason may also be married in this country, but notice of at least one month must be given to the chosen Celebrant. This form must be witnessed either by an Australian Consular Official or Diplomatic Officer or by a Notary Public. Only these people can witness an overseas notice.

You can lodge this document either by post or faxed in time to reach the Celebrant at least one month before the date of your ceremony. Before the ceremony, the couple will also be required to show the celebrant a copy of their birth certificates or passports. If either party has been married before, evidence must also be produced of the termination of that marriage.

There are many wonderful locations at which to conduct marriage ceremonies in Australia, including a range of outdoor locations. Your celebrant is bound to have some appropriate suggestions, and may also be able to assist you in making other arrangements for your ceremony.

Do You Have A Partner Immigrating To Australia?

If you are applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa we can provide you with the necessary documentation for the Immigration Department to assist you with your fiancé visa application.

This is known as the "Fiancé Visa Letter" which will be done for you at no charge once you have lodged your Notice of Intended Marriage.
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